Objects & Mementos (2010)

Objects & Mementos will be on exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery from 9 January to 16 February 2013.

August 2012
Objects & Mementos currently on exhibition at World Theatre Gallery, Charters Towers until 2 October.

December 2011
Queensland Times, Saturday 10 December 2011
November 2011
This exhibition is touring in partnership with ArtsLink as part of the 2012-2013 Touring Exhibition Program: available for a visit to your town after April 2012, visit QAC 2012-2013 tour  for more details.

This project was proudly sponsored by the Regional Arts Development Fund in partnership with Ipswich City Council. The Regional Arts Development fund is a Queensland Government and Ipswich City Council partnership to support local arts and culture. This project has also been supported by the SWICH Contemporary Art Space, Todd Berlin Production Services and ARTtime Supplies.

August 2011
Images from the opening of Ipswich Portraits exhibition at the Ipswich Community Gallery 15-30th July 2011.  Images courtesy of LeAnne Vincent.

July 2011
Ipswich Portraits officially opened last Friday night at the Ipswich Community Gallery (cnr d'arcy Doyle Place & Nicholas Streets, Ipswich).  It was a great success  and lovely to see all the participants view their portraits, meet fellow participants and share their wonderul stories with others. 

I am extremely grateful to all the participants for sharing their stories, time and objects - without their generosity this project would not have evolved.  I feel I have made some wonderful new friends through this project and am very honoured to be part of such a wonderful and sharing community.

I would also like to thank Martin Hallett (Culture Victoria) and Liza Dale-Hallett (Museum Victoria) for agreeing to speak at the opening and for their support and belief in this exhibition.

In addition I would like to acknowledge the support of Kate Roberts, ARTtime Supplies, who freely donated her time, studio space, materials and friendship during the project.  I would like to thank LeAnne Vincent and Dr Gil Burgh, the SWICH Contemporary Art Space, for their encouragement and support both as sponsors and friends.  I also thank the Ipswich Art Gallery for their support and sponsorship; Sue Mansill, Printrooms, for her assistance and support; Nicole Podlich, Art-e-Fact Framing, for her understanding, patience and professionalism; and finally I would like to thank my family for their constant support and encouragement.

June 2011

May 2011

December 2010
The project is now nearing completion with works printed and frames selected for exhibition.  It has been a great experience creating the individual portraits and am looking forward to exhibiting the 10 works at the Ipswich Community Gallery from 15-30th July, 2011.

I have been asked to present a short talk to the Friends of Ipswich Library (FOILS) on 27th May where I will be discussing my Arts Practice together with the Ipswich Portraits Project.  See flyer above. 

September 2010 
I now have confirmed 8 out of the 10 participants for the project - A big thank you to everyone who has been involved in the project thus far, especially the participants.  I feel super priveleged to be let into the lives of so many wonderful Ipswichians!

With the majority of participants confirmed and intereviewed I have begun the task of assembling each individual portrait -- very exciting indeed.


Project:   Review Outline

Title:     Ipswich Portraits Project

Review Summary:
To review identity in a community context: exploring both uniqueness and commonality shared in this domain.  The central focus of this review is on individuals and their connection with objects and mementoes, and how this connection in turn informs our identity and social wellbeing within communities.

Why is this review important:
  • To explore how individual and community wellbeing can be stimulated by connection to other individuals within their own community;
  • To explore how objects can act as a conduit to nurture individual and community connections through the act of storytelling;
  • To explore the sense of commonality shared by indivudals within their communities;
  • To reflect on the importance on individuals within our communities.
Criteria for review:
Connection to objects
  • (a) The power of objects to evoke the act of storytelling.
Participants connection to objects: 
  •  (a) Classification system of participants connection to objects;
  •  (b) Benefit to participant through connections explored: social and individual wellbeing.
'Others' connection to objects:
  •  (a) Classification system of 'others' connection to objects;
  •  (b) 'Others' connection to participants objects;
  •  (c) 'Others' connection to participant as an individual;
  •  (d) 'Others' connection to community through the individuals represented;
  •  (e) Benefit to 'others'  through these connections: social and individual wellbeing.  
1.  Establish 10 key vocations that reflect the Ipswich Community:
  • Trades, Music, Military, Arts, Coal Mines, Business, Professionals, Students, Community, Railways.
2. Establish 10 additional recreational/vocational activites that reflect the Ipswich Community:
  • Aged care, youth work, sports, nurse, parent, performing arts, social justice advocate, choral, multi-cultural, social historian.
3. Establish age and gender categories to ensure diverse cross section of community is represented: 5 male & 5 female, with individuals ranging from 18-85 years.

4. Contact community groups to recommend individuals from the above criteria to be part of the project.

5. Contact individuals who are recommended to enquire whether they would like to be part of the project.

6. Interview each participant.

7. Participants to gather objects of particular significance

8. Participants to attend photo shoot with objects and discuss objects selected.

9. Construct portrait based on objecs presented and interviews conducted.

10. Frame each portrait based on individuals personality / individuality.

11. Exhibit works and gather data for review.

12. Evaluate project outcomes according to review criteria.

This project is proudly sponsored by the Regional Arts Development Fund in partnership with Ipswich City Council. The Regional Arts Development fund is a Queensland Government and Ipswich City Council partnership to support local arts and culture.