Sunday, April 27, 2014

Threads of Life

Threads of Life, 2014, donna davis, mixed media sculpture
One of my first works that begin to explore the fascinating world of mycorrhiza - the symbiotic relationship that exists between many fungi and flora species.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Art as a catalyst - Ipswich plants selected to have their seed 'saved' in the UK

Here is a great example of how art can provide outcomes beyond that of the traditional gallery space and assist in environmental change and conservation and I am extremely proud and excited to be a part of it......

I was hoping that seeds from some of the endangered plants I have been exploring during my "Plant Room" project could be included into the Queensland Seeds for Life: 1000 Species Project (Q-SFL), based at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.  

Well I am happy to say that seeds from the endangered Swamp Tea-tree and the Plectranthus habrophyllus have been selected to be part of the Q-SFL seed collection priority for 2014.  I will accompany Jason Halford from the Q-SFL on the seed collecting missions to photographically document the process. .... 

To read the full story......go to the Beyond the Seed